• Platform sandals Bubble Kids 3230 Pink
  • Platform sandals Bubble Kids 3230 Pink
  • Platform sandals Bubble Kids 3230 Pink
Platform sandals Bubble Kids 3230 Pink
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Platform sandals Bubble Kids 3230

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In full colour and fashion!

If there's one thing that's a trend this summer, it's sandals with a platform. With them you will gain a few centimetres effortlessly and the best thing is that it is the top model of the summer. Everyone will want to wear a pair like these. They are fastened with a buckle at the ankle to ensure a perfect fastening. The straps criss-cross at the instep making a very pretty shape. It is a sandal but with an esparto jute sole, which reminds us of espadrilles.

We have them in three colours, in yellow which is so fashionable lately, who doesn't have a shoe in this colour, doesn't know about fashion. And also in pink, but a pink that is neither too light nor too dark, it is the perfect pink that suggests elegance and good dressing. And finally, the most classic of all, off-white. The texture is velvety in yellow and pink, while white is faux leather.

All of them go well with basic and not so basic outfits. The sole is very soft bio, slightly cushioned and comfortable. And the sole is light, the kind that doesn't weigh you down. Despite the fact that it looks like a robust and heavy sandal at first glance, it is quite the opposite. The qualities that make it stand out are its lightness.

Bubble Kids 3230

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