Cotton insoles

Price €1.30
Cotton insoles with anatomically shaped terrycloth material for a safe and comfortable footfall. The terry cloth is a material like towel, which is breathable. It is an ideal insole for delicate...

Active carbon insoles

Price €1.95
Insoles with 100% activated carbon material that provides protection against bacteria and fungi. It is a highly comfortable insole that allows the foot to breathe easily. In addition, it has a...

Viscoelastic insoles

Price €3.95
These viscoelastic insoles adapt to the shape of the foot and the footfall thanks to the memory effect it has. The most remarkable thing is the comfort it offers, it reduces the pressure on the...

Leather insoles

Price €3.95
Leather is one of the most commonly used materials in shoe insoles because it provides correct ergonomics and facilitates foot perspiration. From size 20 to 46. ? Leather ? High quality ?...

Sports insoles

Price €1.95
Insoles for sports footwear with towel sole, which keeps feet cool and dry. It is a very comfortable insole with micro-perforations for greater breathability. It has an intermediate layer of...
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