• Barefoot sport shoes PIRUFLEX 6100 White/Navy
Barefoot sport shoes PIRUFLEX 6100 White/Navy
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Barefoot Sport shoes PIRUFLEX 6100

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Let your children start school on the right foot with these barefoot sneakers, which respect the natural evolution of their feet.

Zapatos resptuosos baratos, niños y niñas

Ideal sports model for school, which is respectful.

Best of all, it respects the natural growth of the feet. It is a soft, highly flexible shoe that does not have a counter. It is made of textile, of breathable quality that maintains the correct temperature of the feet. The insole is removable and the non-slip rubber sole is also very flexible. It folds over the metatarsals without any problems. It adjusts with a double adherent strap, which allows for an ideal fit and allows children to be independent. It is white, with detail of the initial of the brand 'P' on the outer sides.

Colours: Pink or navy.

Medidas - Piruflex 6100


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